Aimee Mullins: Not Just a Pretty Face

Recently I was hired to speak at Cox Communications Leadership Conference where the theme was Everyday Heroes. While scanning the internet, doing research for my talk, I came across Aimee Mullins’ picture.

Aimee Mullins

If you were to see Aimee on the street you’d probably rubber neck to get a second glance or just outright stare at her, with your jaw on the ground. She’s gorgeous! In fact she’s been named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World by People Magazine.

Aimee is also a world class athlete – having competed in NCAA Division I Track and Field at Georgetown University.

Beauty, brawn and BRAINS! Sounds like the perfect trifecta. But wait. There’s more — she’s also a model, actress, a face of L’Oreal, and a motivational speaker.

Sounds like Super Woman. Yes, but what really makes Aimee MY super hero is that she and I have something in common (besides the fact that we both like strutting our stuff on the catwalk). We are both amputees. She’s actually a double leg amputee, but who’s counting?

The Athlete & The Super Model

I guess someone is counting, because I read that Aimee has at least 10 different sets of prosthetic legs, including titanium sprinting legs (designed after a cougar’s hind leg) and intricately carved wood “leg/boots” she once wore on the runway for fashion designer Alexander McQueen. Looks like I have some catching up do.

Legs carved for Alexander McQueen showAimee is changing the perception of what it means to be disabled. Check out Aimee speaking at a TED conference. She will make you think.