This writer’s workshop gives aspiring writers the opportunity to work on their feature film script ideas with the support of an established screen writer…me.


Screen writing is about the freedom of telling a story and this workshop offers a friendly environment that encourages creativity and innovation while showing the writers how to hit the right beats in order to fit the formulas that studios are looking for.
During this intimate session, I will teach the behind-the-scene’s process and explain the indispensable steps he takes while writing scripts. During this seminar I will also share real-life experiences of being in pitch and note meetings with major Hollywood studios including Warner Brothers, Fox, Paramount, and Universal Studios. Lessons you can’t learn in an ordinary class room.

Cost – $150,

Can’t make it on December 8? Or maybe you’re not in Minneapolis. I also offers one-on-one sessions and a long distance class for more information please email us at info@erikstolhanske.net